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Support everyone you like

Thankful automatically tracks which creators you spend time on. Then at the end of the month, it shows you a list of your top creators and lets you support them by sending them cryptocurrency.

We currently support creators on:

  • YouTube
  • GitHub
  • Medium
  • ...and more to come

Healthier incentives, for a better web

There is a fundamental issue on the internet where ad-funded creators have incentive to steal your attention as long as possible instead of providing you with as much value as they can. And if you use an ad blocker, even your favorite creators get nothing from having you in their audience.

By using Thankful, you incentivize creators to spend more time and effort on creating what you want.

A good use case for cryptocurrency

One of the earliest uses for cryptocurrency were donations. People and organizations all over the web accept donations and we want to build on that history and take it to the next level. You can read all about our master plan to make it easier to support every creator online here.

Payments are made with Ether*, the currency native to the Ethereum blockchain. This provides low transaction fees and lets us build more advanced features in the future by utilizing smart contracts and the vibrant Ethereum ecosystem.

*support for more cryptocurrencies planned

Zero fees (almost)

The only fees you pay are transaction fees (usually ~1-3%), and the voluntary "I'm thankful for Thankful"-fee. This means creators will get more of what you give, and reduces fees by about 90% compared to Patreon.

You can read more about how we get rid of almost all fees here.

Open source, unstoppable, and you own your data

We believe in open source and self-ownership of data. That's why we designed Thankful so that we don't collect any of your data and don't need any servers. Even if we disappeared tomorrow, Thankful would still work.

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